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Tuesday, November 1, 2011 @ 03:11 PM
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Why Residents of Bedford, Massachusetts Need to be Concerned About Radon

Radon Mitigation Bedford MassachusettsAs a resident of Massachusetts, you might not think that radon problems are your concern. Perhaps you are under the impression that the only people who need to worry about radon are those who live in the northwest. But in fact, Bedford, Massachusetts residents should be concerned about radon, and many Massachusetts residents have already found high levels of this radioactive gas permeating their homes.

Radon is naturally present in the environment, and that means every Massachusetts resident is potentially at risk. You cannot smell radon the way you can smell many other gases, and that can make it particularly dangerous. Radon can seep into your home through a number of outlets including the pipes and fittings in your Bedford, Massachusetts home and even the water in your well.

Owners of new homes also have reason to worry about radon. Even though those homes tend to be tighter than older homes, radon can still seep into the basement. And once that radon enters a new home, it can be more of a problem, since the gas does not have a chance to escape. So no matter what the age of your Bedford home, you could have a radon problem, and you need to test for it as soon as possible.

The fact is that radon is everywhere, even in Massachusetts. Whether you have an old historic home or a brand new one, you could be at risk from this dangerous substance. And since radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, not knowing about a radon problem could put your family at risk.

Radon is also found in many soils in Massachusetts, and the radon from the soil can be carried into your home over time. Radon is also present in the bedrock under the foundation of your home, and it can seep up through cracks in the bedrock and find its way into the basement of your home.

Radon is a problem for both owners of both old and new homes in the state of Massachusetts . Those who own older homes may find that radon enters the basement through cracks in the walls and foundation. Radon can enter through even the tiniest of cracks, so your home can be in great shape and still be in danger from radon.

Call S.W.A.T Environmental for a Radon Mitigation Quote

A thorough radon test will include both the interior and the exterior of your home. S.W.A.T Environmental will test the soil and water around your home and look for high levels of radon. S.W.A.T Environmental will also look for high levels of radon in the basement of your home, and in the living space as well. Having a thorough test done on your Bedford, Massachusetts home is the first step. After you know whether or not you have a radon problem, you can start taking steps to fix any issues you find.