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Radon Testing in Bedford, MA

Radon-Testing-Bedford-MassachusettsAs a resident of Bedford, Massachusetts, you may be aware of the dangers of radon gas, and the importance of radon testing. Sadly, many are not informed on the health risks associated with this dangerous vapor, and the long term effects it can have. It has been proven that radon gas causes lung cancer, and kills more individuals each year than drunk driving. While this may be a stunning fact, it is also important to know that one out of every fifteen homes has dangerous levels of radon. Depending on the area, even a higher percentage of homes may suffer from related vapor intrusion.

Radon testing is the only way to detect if there is radon gas in your Bedford home. You cannot see or smell radon, meaning that a test is absolutely necessary. Did you know that even the materials used to build your home may produce radon in your home? The most common source of radon is in your soil. The gas seeps from your soil, into your foundation, and into your home. This dangerous gas may even be in your Bedford water supply, but again, the only way to know for sure is through testing.

Methods of Radon Testing in Bedford

The two most common ways of radon testing are short term and long term testing. Long term radon testing in Bedford should take roughly three months to be completed. Long term testing is most accurate, and is recommended for fall months. The reason fall months are recommended, is because most likely your windows and doors will be closed for the majority of radon testing, providing the most accurate of results. Short term testing only takes two to seven days to complete, and allows for quick results. Even if you have received radon testing results showing no radon, it is important to know that this may change. The EPA recommends retesting every two to five years to be safe that your Bedford home stays radon free.

Positive Radon Testing Results in Bedford

If your radon testing results show 4 pCi/L or greater, than further action is required on your Bedford home. The news may be rattling, but you can rest easy, because help is only a phone call away. The nation’s largest radon mitigation company is located right in Bedford, MA. With unmatched experience, honest work, and all the appropriate certifications, it is a smart choice to choose the trusted company of S.W.A.T. Environmental to provide all of your radon mitigation needs. With a free quote you have nothing to lose, and a professionally installed air purification systems may not be as expensive as you think.

Remember that when choosing a mitigation company, or even a radon testing company, it is important that the company has all of the proper certifications needed, and experience in the business. Your health is at risk, do not leave radon testing up to anyone other than a specialist. Schedule a test today.