Air Purification Systems – Bedford, Massachusetts

The Demand for Air Purification Systems in Bedford, Massachusetts

Air Purification Systems Bedford MassachusettsThough Bedford, Massachusetts may seem like a safe environment in many ways, there are many invisible factors that can impact the health and wellness of your family and colleagues. Many dangerous chemicals and contaminants exist in our air or water. They are impossible to detect without special testing. Radon, an invisible carcinogen commonly present in Bedford, Massachusetts’ air, is considered the second most serious cause of lung cancer. In fact, it ranks second only to cigarette smoking. Radon can enter your home or business through the water supply or through undetectable cracks in the walls or foundation.

Radon levels in Bedford, Massachusetts average 4 picocuries per liter (pCi/L) or higher, placing it in the Environmental Protection Agency’s highest risk category for radon. Because levels are often much higher than this in Bedford, Massachusetts, home and business owners should invest in radon testing and any recommended radon mitigation plans. Air purification systems have proven to be one of the most effective ways of addressing high radon levels in enclosed spaces.

We have a certified team of radon mitigation specialists located in Bedford, Massachusetts who can help you test your air and develop radon mitigation plans. After visiting your site, our contractors will advise you on the best course of action and help you choose an appropriate air purification system. Our Beford, Massachusetts contractors work quickly and with great care, so you can trust our organization to provide you with a safe and timely solution.

As air purification systems are not specific to radon, they may address many other common air pollutants present in Bedford, Massachusetts. If your home or office contains other risky inhalants such as pet dander, chemical remnants, pollen, mold, or dust, please tell our radon mitigation specialists. Our team will be happy to advise you on the best possible air purification system to suit the circumstances and needs of your business or home.

Rely on Air Purification Professionals

Many areas of the United States have started to require special certification for radon mitigation specialists, and our organization is approved to assist clients in Bedford, Massachusetts. Given the extremely high levels of radon and the potential risks of long-term inhalation, it is vital that you contact professionals for radon mitigation. For more information on local resources or statistics, contact your local Bedford, Massachusetts environmental representative.

Air purification systems come in many shapes, sizes, and price ranges, but not all of them are suitable to combat the dangers of radon. Currently, the best technology for radon mitigation in Bedford, Massachusetts includes activated carbon filters. Our radon mitigation contractors will help you take all local and property-specific issues into consideration when choosing the right air purification system for your needs.