Radon Gas Mitigation Can Prevent Lung Cancer

Monday, December 3, 2012 @ 04:12 PM
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Bedford, MA Residents Face Lung Cancer Risk

Lung Cancer Risks and Radon Gas MitigationWe all know that smoking cigarettes on a daily basis may cause lung cancer. With a nickname of “cancer stick,” the outcome of lung cancer is assumed, with large warning labels even further driving home the danger printed on every box. Although cigarettes make up a large portion of those in Bedford who have been diagnosed with lung cancer, new studies show that a growing percentage of lung cancer patients actually have lung cancer because of radon gas. Radon gas mitigation is the only proven method to help prevent lung cancer because of radon in Bedford, MA.

Radon forms naturally from Uranium that has been broken down in your soil. While most naturally occurring things are not a concern, the issue is that often this gas makes its way into your water supply, or seeps through the foundation of your home. Your Bedford home works like a vacuum sucking in and sealing this cancer causing gas. Recent studies have proven that as many as 16% of all lung cancer cases are caused by radon gas, meaning that more than one out of seven lung cancer patients may have never even touched tobacco in their entire life.

Radon Gas Mitigation Process for Bedford Residents

While the concerns for the 20,000 who die each year because of radon gas is becoming a growing concern, it is important to be solution oriented. Radon gas mitigation will help reduce your chances of lung cancer, as radon gas mitigation reduces the levels of radon by as much as 99% in your Bedford home. Residents of Bedford should test their homes to see if radon gas is a concern.

If you are having trouble in realizing whether or not this gas causes cancer, let me state it like this. Medical research has proven this to be fact, along with the EPA. In addition, radon gas is radioactive. We all know that radioactive material has been proven to cause cancer, so it only makes sense that inhaling high concentrations have health risks associated with them.

Bedford Radon Gas Mitigation Options

When you contact S.W.A.T. Environmental at our Bedford, MA branch, you know you are speaking with an experienced professional who specializes only in radon gas mitigation. In addition, you know you are speaking to a local who knows the common concerns and trouble points in dealing with Bedford, MA homes.

S.W.A.T. Environmental has been in the radon gas mitigation industry for decades now, and we have the proven methods to reduce your gas levels. We also have all the certifications, so you know you are not risking anything when you call us. We always offer a free quote, and you may be shocked at how low our prices are. Provide your family and friends with the safety they need from this terrible gas by having a professional install a radon gas mitigation system today.

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