Radon in Water Supplies in Bedford, Massachusetts

Wednesday, July 18, 2012 @ 08:07 PM
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How Does Radon Get Into Bedford, Massachusetts Water Supplies?

Radon in Water Bedford, MassachusettsIf you are a homeowner in the Bedford, Massachusetts area, the fact that you are aware that waterborne radon can be dangerous means that you have a significant advantage over many people. Many have no clue what radon is in the first place, let alone that it can be harmful. Radon is a radioactive gas that is naturally created in the environment when uranium and similar elements in the ground break down. In some cases, this radon can contaminate water supplies deep underground; when a private well or other water source taps a radon-contaminated water supply, the radon can be brought into the house along with the water. You can then be exposed to radon in water both by swallowing it and by inhaling it after it escapes from the water.

Is it Possible to Tell When Waterborne Radon is in your Home?

Unfortunately, without specialized testing you will not be able to tell when the water in your home is contaminated with this dangerous substance — another reason why the issue can be so serious. That is why waterborne radon had been called “the silent killer.” Radon in water has no taste, scent or appearance, but it can cause several different types of cancer and other serious health problems. Lung cancer from radon that escapes the water supply into your home’s air is a particular common and serious side effect. Fortunately, testing by a licensed radon mitigation specialist from SWAT Environmental can determine if waterborne radon actually exists in your house. Since Bedford, Massachusetts is one area of the United States that tends to be at a greater risk of this type of radon invasion, it is critical that you have proper testing performed regularly.

How Should Radon in Water be Handled?

Dealing with waterborne radon is one process you could never attempt on your own since the consequences for mistakes could be so high. Instead, you should always rely on SWAT Environmental’s radon mitigation experts to correct the problem. Once your water is contaminated, it will remain so until specialized equipment is installed to remove the radon. Otherwise, each time you turn on a faucet to shower, take a bath, wash your hands or brush your teeth, you are adding to your family’s exposure and increasing the odds of serious health problems as a result. Waterborne radon contamination, of course, is not the same as airborne radon contamination; ergo, different mitigation techniques will be necessary depending on the source of your home’s radon.

How Does Waterborne Radon Impact People Living in Bedford, Massachusetts?

Homes in Bedford, Massachusetts, on average, tend to contain radon levels that exceed safe guidelines established by the Environmental Protection Agency. This does not mean that every home will be contaminated, of course, but it does mean that the likelihood is high enough that you should take no chances regarding your family’s safety. In this area, testing and mitigation efforts could literally save lives.

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