Waterborne Radon Reduction – Bedford, Massachusetts

WaterBorne Radon Reduction in Bedford, Massachusetts

Waterborne Radon Bedford MassachusettsWhen most homeowners in Bedford, Massachusetts think about radon getting into their homes, they imagine it doing so through the cracks in the home’s foundation or basement walls. However, this isn’t the only path that radon has to enter your home. This harmful, radioactive gas can also enter a building through its water supply. In fact, waterborne radon contamination can be considered a silent killer because prolonged exposure to it can lead to lung cancer and it’s undetectable by the human eye. Plus, you can’t smell it or taste it. Fortunately, proper testing conducted by a radon mitigation company can determine whether or not your home has water-borne radon contamination.

If your Bedford, Massachusetts home’s test results show that the levels of waterborne radon contamination exceed the EPA’s suggested safe level of 4 pCI/L, then radon mitigation procedures are indicated. Even if your home doesn’t have air-borne radon contamination, it can still be at risk of having a water supply poisoned by this cancer-causing gas. In fact, Bedford, Massachusetts is one of the areas of the country that is at greater risk of this type of water pollution. As you can see, it is imperative to have a reputable radon mitigation company come in and conduct proper testing if you live in Bedford, Massachusetts.

The Possibility of Waterborne Radon Contamination in Bedford, Massachusetts

Once your water supply is contaminated, the problem is going to continue until a radon mitigation specialist comes in and implements procedures to eliminate it. Your family is at risk each time they turn on the faucet to shower, brush their teeth, or wash their hands. In fact, each time the faucet is turned on for any purpose such as cooking, cleaning, or laundering, radon gets into your home exposing all of its inhabitants to the risk of developing lung cancer. Minimizing your family’s risk by bringing in an experienced radon mitigation specialist as soon as possible is extremely important.

The important fact that homeowners living in Bedford, Massachusetts should realize is that waterborne contamination is not the same as air-borne contamination. Therefore, the radon mitigation techniques used to rectify the situation are different, necessitating specialized equipment that is not used with air-borne contamination. In light of this fact, it is important to speak with the radon mitigation specialist personally to discuss whether or not he has experience dealing with water-borne contamination along with the proper equipment.

Some areas of the United States require radon mitigation companies to obtain special licenses allowing them to perform this type of work. This is important since you want someone who has been properly trained in waterborne radon mitigation techniques to correct your contamination issue. Our company has the proper credentials, validating our radon mitigation expertise and allowing us to service the Bedford, Massachusetts area for this environmental pollutant.